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Deep Echo of the Divine Bell; the New Beginning of the Silla Great Bell

Deep Echo of the Divine Bell; the New Beginning of the Silla Great Bell 

A German Archaeologist Dr. Kummel who was fascinated by the sound of a Korean bell said,

"This bell deserves to be called the best bell in the world. If Germany had a bell like this, we would build a great museum with just a single bell.”

A deep echo that is not heard anywhere else in the world. A lingering sound that would never cease. Hundreds and thousands of words could describe the King Seongdeok Divine Bell, but they would never be enough.

Now, we cannot directly listen to the sound of the King Seongdeok Divine Bell. All we can hear is the sounds recorded on electronic machines. The last tolling ceremony took place on the National Foundation Day of Korea in 2003, and the tolling of the bell was then stopped to protect the bell.

Thus, in order to give us and our children a chance to hear the vivid sound of the bell that is so much praised by the world, Gyeongju has made a new bell that resembles the app…

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